Your Soundtrack to Halloween


Halloween BlogIt’s that time of year again and personally one of my favourite holidays, Halloween!! Fancy dress, Trick or Treating,  spooky movies and some of the best parties of the year, what’s not to love. And of course every party isn’t complete without the top halloween playlist!

I have took a look back into the archives and gathered together what I believe is the essential tracks for your ultimate Halloween experience. We’ve got everything you need right here from dub-step to the biggest songs in dance.

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites – Skrillex

No Halloween Soundtrack is complete without Skrillex’s breakout release of “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” with its uplifting melodies and freakish growls that represents everything Skrillex, this track harnesses some of the most evil of sounds in EDM.

The Shining – CAZZETTE

With The Shining being widely regarded as one of the scariest and best horror films of all time there was no question that when Cazzette produced this track it was going to be a recipe for success with it’s combination of dancefloor elements and murderous samples.

Psychotic – Alvin Risk

A name like “Psychotic” it is near impossible not to include this screeching single from the list. Ear-piercing vocal samples and medley of lazer synths, Alvin Risk has unleashed his inner psycho on this one.

Ghosts n Stuff – Deadmau5

Another song that was almost guaranteed in this spooky playlist is Deadmau5’s “Ghosts n Stuff”. Teaming up with Rob Swire, Deadmau5 has created a classic that will be played every Halloween for years to come.

Werewolf – Figure

Figure, appropriately nicknamed as “Prince of Darkness” is notorious for providing haunting releases for every horror-film fanatic with his use of heavy bass he has harnessed the true meaning of Halloween.

Hexes – Bassnectar

Produced for Zombie classic “Resident Evil” Bassnectar has created a bone-chilling dub-step track that will rattle the everyday Halloween fan.

Coines – Thiller (ZHU Remix)

While Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a classic in its own right, Coines use of samples from the hit song and remix capabilities from producer ZHU has created a classic for the everyday EDM fan that should be on everybody’s playlist. Listen to ZHU’s after hours mix with Pete Tong below or you can skip to “14.10” to listen to the song.

Nero – Doomsday

British electronic music trio Nero have produced a dark and ominous tone for any dance floor with this hard hitting track.

Demons – Zeds Dead

If the name alone isn’t Halloween enough for you listen to the this eerie single with bone-chilling piano melodies and punching bass line to get you in the mood for any spooky party.

Get on This – Mad Decent – Ghastly

With psychotic bass frequencies displayed in this banger it is sure to get you jumping at any occasion.

Unholy – Wolfgang Gartner feat. Bobby Saint

Taking a break from crazy dub-step basslines we will finish the collection with a look at EDM favourite Wolfgang Gartner. With “Unholy” he has created a pumping dance classic which in every sense of the title, describes it as one that is essential for any Halloween rave.

Listen to my essential Halloween playlist right here on SoundCloud

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